Trying to name your baby can be a difficult task. Start early in your pregnancy and read names often, narrowing your list.
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Arabic Baby Names

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Aaliyah high exalted, to ascend  Arabic, Hebrew  Girl
Aaron shining light, high mountain, messenger  Hebrew, Arabic  Boy
Abbott father  Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew  Boy
Abdel servent  Arabic  Boy
Abdul Servant of Arabic Boy
Abia Great  Arabic  Girl
Adalia refuge of God, just, noble one  Hebrew, Arabic, German  Girl
Adara beauty, virgin  Greek, Arabic  Girl
Adiva pleasant, gentle  Arabic  Girl
Aiesha Woman  Arabic  Girl
Ain precious, eye  Arabic  Girl
Akil intelligent, logical  Arabic  Boy
Akilah intelligent, logical  Arabic  Girl
Aleser lion  Arabic  Boy
Ali God, little, the highest  Arabic, Native American  Boy
Alim wise, learned  Arabic  Boy
Alima wise, learned  Arabic  Girl
Almira Princess Arabic Girl
Altair bird, star  Arabic, Greek  Both
Alzena the woman  Arabic  Girl
Amber yellow-brown, precious jewel  Arabic  Girl
Ameerah princess  Arabic  Girl
Amir prince  Arabic  Boy
Anan clouds  Arabic  Girl
Anisa friendly  Arabic  Girl
Atifa affection  Arabic  Girl
Azalea Democracy  Arabic  Girl
Banan fingertips  Arabic  Girl
Barak   Arabic  Boy
Barakah white one  Arabic  Girl
Basil royal, brave  Greek, Arabic  Boy
Basimah smiling  Arabic  Girl
Beulah married  Arabic  Girl
Bilal first convert of muhammad  Arabic  Boy
Burhan proof  Arabic  Boy
Cala castle  Arabic  Girl
Cantara small bridge  Arabic  Girl
Carna horn  Arabic  Girl
Cemal beauty  Arabic  Boy
Coman noble  Arabic  Boy
Dirran   Arabic  Girl
Emir charming prince  Arabic  Boy
Fatima daughter of muhammad  Arabic  Girl
Fatin captivating  Arabic  Girl
Ferran baker  Arabic  Boy
Gadil God is my wealth  Arabic  Boy
Gamal camel  Arabic  Boy
Ginton a garden  Arabic  Boy
Givon hill, heights  Arabic  Boy
Habib beloved one  Arabic  Boy
Hadi guiding to the light  Arabic  Boy
Hadiya guide to righteousness, gift  Arabic  Girl
Haifa slender  Arabic  Girl
Hamal lamb  Arabic  Boy
Hanan mercy  Arabic  Girl
Hasna beautiful  Arabic  Girl
Hassan handsome  Arabic  Boy
Hussein handsome one  Arabic  Boy
Iman faith, belief  Arabic  Girl
Israt affection  Arabic  Girl
Jabir comforter  Arabic  Boy
Jala charity  Arabic  Girl
Jaleel great, fine  Arabic  Boy
Jalen   Arabic  Boy
Jamal beauty  Arabic  Boy
Jamilah beautiful  Arabic  Girl
Jana God's gracious gift; a harvest of fruit  Czech, Arabic  Girl
Jazlyn   Arabic  Girl
Jed the hand  Arabic  Boy
Jehan beautiful flower  Arabic  Girl
Jibril archangel Gabriel  Arabic  Boy
Kadin friend, companion  Arabic  Boy
Kalb dog  Arabic  Boy
Kalil good/best friend  Arabic  Boy
Kalila beloved  Arabic  Girl
Kamil perfection  Arabic  Boy
Kamilah the perfect one  Arabic  Girl
Kardal mustard seed  Arabic  Boy
Karida untouched, virginal  Arabic  Girl
Kateb writer  Arabic  Boy
Khalid immortal  Arabic  Boy
Khalidah immortal  Arabic  Girl
Khoury priest  Arabic  Boy
Laith lion  Arabic  Boy
Leila dark as the night  Arabic  Girl
Leron the song is mine  Arabic  Boy
Lila night  Arabic  Girl
Lina tender  Arabic  Girl
Mahala woman; tenderness; marrow  Native American, Hebrew, Arabic  Girl
Malik master  Arabic  Boy
Mansur divinely aided  Arabic  Boy
Martha a lady  Arabic  Girl
Matana gift  Arabic  Girl
Muhammad praised one  Arabic  Boy
Mumtaz   Arabic  Boy
Myiesha Life's blessing  Arabic  Girl
Nafeeza precious thing  Arabic  Girl
Naimah living a soft, enjoyable life  Arabic  Girl
Nassir protector  Arabic  Boy
Nazirah equal, like  Arabic  Girl
Nimah blessing, loan  Arabic  Girl
Noya beautiful, ornamented  Arabic  Girl
Nuri fire  Arabic  Boy
Omar first son, disciple; gifted speaker; famous  Arabic, Hebrew, German  Boy
Qabil Able Arabic Boy
Qadim Ancient Arabic Boy
Qadir Powerful Arabic Boy
Qadira Powerful Arabic Girl
Qamar Moon Arabic Boy
Qamra moon  Arabic  Girl
Qasim Divider Arabic Boy
Qitarah Fragrant Arabic Girl
Quasim one who divides goods among his people  Arabic  Boy
Qubilah Agreeable Arabic Girl
Qudamah Courage Arabic Boy
Rehan   Arabic  Boy
Rihana sweet basil  Arabic  Girl
Rimon pomegranite  Arabic  Boy
Sabirah patient  Arabic  Girl
Sabra thorny cactus; to rest  Arabic, Hebrew  Girl
Sadira ostrich returning from water  Arabic  Girl
Sahara the moon  Arabic  Girl
Saida fortunate one  Arabic  Girl
Sakinah god-inspired peace-of-mind, tranquility  Arabic  Girl
Salimah safe, healthy  Arabic  Girl
Salman protector, conqueror  Arabic  Boy
Salwa solace; comfort  Arabic  Girl
Samien to be heard  Arabic  Boy
Samirah entertaining companion  Arabic  Girl
Samma sky, skye  Arabic  Girl
Sammon grocer  Arabic  Boy
Saree most noble  Arabic  Girl
Seif sword of religion  Arabic  Boy
Selima peace  Arabic  Girl
Shakar grateful  Arabic  Boy
Shakira grateful  Arabic  Girl
Shammara he girded his loins  Arabic  Girl
Sharif   Arabic  Boy
Shunnar pleasant  Arabic  Boy
Siham arrows  Arabic  Girl
Sumehra beautiful face  Arabic  Girl
Tahir chaste, pure  Arabic  Boy
Tahirah chaste, pure  Arabic  Girl
Talib   Arabic  Boy
Tamir pure, tall stately  Arabic  Boy
Tariq star, path  Arabic  Boy
Thabit   Arabic  Boy
Thana gratitude  Arabic  Girl
Thara wealth  Arabic  Girl
Ubadah Serves God Arabic Boy
Ubaid Faithful Arabic Boy
Ulima Astute, Wise Arabic Girl
Umar   Arabic  Boy
Unaiza   Arabic  Girl
Usamah   Arabic  Boy
Uthman Companion of the Prophet Arabic Boy
Utt wise and kind  Arabic  Boy
Vega falling star  Arabic  Girl
Waseem   Arabic  Boy
Widjan ecstacy  Arabic  Girl
Xavier bright, new house  Arabic, Basque  Boy
Xaviera bright, new house  Arabic, Basque  Girl
Yardan King Arabic Boy
Yasar   Arabic  Boy
Yasin Prophet Arabic Boy
Yasir to be rich, to be easy  Arabic  Boy
Yazid   Arabic  Boy
Zafina Victorious Arabic Girl
Zafir Victorious Arabic Boy
Zafirah Successful Arabic Girl
Zahara shining, luminous  Arabic  Girl
Zahid Self-denying Arabic Boy
Zahir Shining, Bright Arabic Boy
Zahra white, flowers  Arabic, Swahili  Girl
Zaida fortunate one  Arabic  Girl
Zaim Brigadier General Arabic Boy
Zaira rose  Arabic  Girl
Zakariyya Prophet Arabic Boy
Zaki Bright, Pure Arabic Boy
Zara dawn, princess  Hebrew, Arabic  Girl
Zaria rose  Arabic  Girl
Zarifa Successful Arabic Girl
Zaynah Great Arabic Girl
Zaza movement, flowery  Hebrew, Arabic  Girl
Zeke the memory of the lord  Arabic  Boy
Zimraan Praise Arabic Boy
Zuleika fair-haired  Arabic  Girl
Zulema peace  Arabic  Girl